Being Roommates – Colby Style


Colby Jansen arrives home tired, frustrated and a bit angered after a night out with his buddies binging on alcohol and catching the hockey game (a game that his team lost). He reaches in the fridge for one last cold one before calling it a night when out of his room comes groggy roommate Samuel, awoken by Colby’s boisterous arrival. It’s past 2 in the morning and Sam isn’t too happy. He notices his buddy’s predicament and tries to calm him down. Colby won’t have any of it, and convinces Sam to join him for a beer. Colby needs to get his angst out of his system and Sam is there to help. In fact, Colby’s horny. He mentions that he might just beat his meat before getting some shut-eye. Sam encourages him to settle in front of his computer and relieve some tension by spewing a load out. Our burly stud is way too horny for a simple jack-off session and suggests that Sam give him a blow job. After all, Colby knows all too well that his roomie likes to blow some nice dick. His dozy buddy is really put off that Colby would even suggest roommates get it on. Colby insists. Sam needs to help him out. Sam relents somewhat and offers his help for this one time only. Colby knows way too well that his glowing charm is going to get the better of Sam way more than his bro knows. He pulls a hesitant Sam to him and starts kissing him lustfully. Sam wavers. He lamely tries to resists Colby’s assault. The kissing gets passionate and Sam is hooked! Colby’s angst subsides, but he remains the dominant dude instructing his buddy to suck some dick. Sam descends upon Colby’s already hard cut cock. He’s obviously done this way more often that Colby could ever count. Sam sucks him deep, gagging from time to time, while Colby moans with pleasure. Sam seems at home on his knees and slurps the shaft down to Colby’s pubes, forcefully slapping that hard meat against his tongue and lips. Sam then lies back on the kitchen counter and Colby goes to town on his cock, sucking a mean dick before darting his tongue into his buddy’s hungry butt hole. With words of encouragement like “Spit again, I love it”, Sam’s hunger for Colby’s awesome rim job was only matched by his own intense cock jerking. Poking his bro’s hole with his tongue, Colby was setting the stage for a good ass fucking. Sam couldn’t wait any longer. Colby spins Sam around and bends him over the counter. He rips into Sam’s ass, while his boy groans in ecstasy. Colby is finally getting some stress out of his system. He keeps on pounding until he’s ready to lay back and have Sam ride his bone hard rod. Samuel is looking into Colby’s eyes intensely before he moves onto the dining room table so his hunky roommate can fuck him some more. Things hit a fevered pitch, when Sam jacks his stiff dick into an explosion of spunk. Colby follow suit and drops his load in Sam’s hungry mouth. Sam was fed and Colby was spent; a pretty good combo all said!