The Greek Bathhouse


Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, Seth Knight rises from the waters of a Greek Jacuzzi tub, angling to service a relaxing yet horny Colby Jansen. Colby, for his part, is just laying back and enjoying the mood, eyeing the young hairless stud. Seth makes his move and starts giving Colby one intense blow job, deftly alternating between hand and mouth action and keeping his mature partner in a slow motion trance. As he grabs his cocksucker’s long hair, Colby manhandles the kid’s head, shoving it up and down on his stiff shaft. Seth then take a break, gets up and offers Colby his hard rod, filling it to the max. You’d think that the size of Seth’s cock would intimidate Colby, but no, he doesn’t shy away from a bit of deep throating and the occasional gag. Colby is showing some definite talent at cock sucking and Seth is writhing with pleasure. Smooth-bodied Seth then decides to retake control of Colby’s tool by bending himself forward and plunging on Colby’s cock once more. But this time, he’s shoved his ass in his mentor’s face and Colby obviously obliges with a good tongue lashing and spit fest. Once he’s gotten the boy’s hole all nice and wet, Colby gets up and shoves his hard cock into Seth’s starving hole, mounting him from behind. Seth’s slender and toned body is compact in comparison to the massive frame of his ass fucking partner. Colby then spins his buddy into a spooning position and he continues his assault of the kid with his ass-impaling dick. Finally, Colby wastes no time laying Seth on his back and fucking his hungry and now very stretched hole. The boy is getting really hot and bothered as he watches Colby dominating his hole and watching his reaction. This pushes Seth over the edge, spewing his load all over his stomach. Colby’s intense fucking action has him also on the verge as he quickly moves to blow a nice wad. The cum-drenched Seth mixes the baby batter on his stomach as his hunky partner Colby bends over and kisses him passionately.