In The Closet – Billy Santoro & Michael Delray


Billy Santoro sits at his desk writing. He is attentively typing away as Michael Del Ray sneaks into the room, startling him. Billy tells Michael about the call from his old married boyfriend. Distressed, Michel demands to know what it means for them. Getting it off his chest, Billy tells him he has nothing to worry about. But, in a fit of jealousy Michael threatens him not to play with his emotions. This moment of passion ignites a fire between them and they kiss. Billy slides his shirt up over his torso, and helps Michael with his own. Billy pulls him in closer, and sits him down in the leather office chair before licking his nipples, tenderly. Michael pulls down his shorts, presenting Billy his stiff cock, which Billy takes into his mouth. Flipping him onto the chair, Michael pulls and positions Billy’s thick round ass before plunging his face into it, rimming him deeply. Billy moans in pleasure as he’s eaten out by Michael.Climbing up over his man, Michael kisses him as he pushes his cock into Billy, fucking him slowly. Ending on the floor, Michael pounds his ass from below, his stiff cock plunging in and out. Billy rides it for a moment before Michael takes control again. Thrusting into the muscled bottom he can’t keep it in any longer before pulling out and cumming to Billy’s hairy stomach. Billy follows soon behind, shooting ropes of white cum onto his own fur.