Benjamin Dover & Jason Sterling


Jason Sterling isn’t one for making small talk, he’d prefer to get right to it and that’s just what he dos when Benjamin Dover dangles his big dick in front of Jason’s face! Jason stuffs Benjamin’s fat cock into his mouth, running his lips up and down the full length of his shaft as Benjamin watches him suck that dick. They switch off and now it’s Jason’s turn to lie back and enjoy some oral as Benjamin goes down on him then stands up to meet his lips for some kisses before they get to fucking!

Benjamin gets on all fours on the bed and Jason fills him up with this cock, sliding it in and out, bareback and deep, as Benjamin reaches down to jerk his member while he gets fucked. Benjamin twists around to make out with Jason as he gets pounded and then flip and it’s Jason taking the dick next! Benjamin spreads Jason’s legs wide open, taking that ass and fucking it raw and hard while he wraps a hand around Jason’s neck and dominates him!

Benjamin fingers Jason’s hole when he pulls out and then they flip again and when Benjamin gets topped this time he can’t hold his cum in for very long! Once he busts a nut and Jason sees that big load he pulls out and strokes his long cock until he’s spraying himself with jizz too!