Married Man Stuck At Work – Nick Capra & Andy Banks


One night, as Andy Banks and his wife are sound asleep, Andy dreams about being stuck at work for the night. He walks into a conference room, where one of his coworkers, Nick Capra, seems to have been waiting for him. Nick goes on explaining just how much money he’s been making here at the firm, even for the most absurd cases. Then, without warning, Nick charges at Andy and kisses him right on the lips.

Andy doesn’t hesitate to get on his knees and removing Nick’s pants. He pulls out his thick cock and puts it in his mouth, sucking it. After savoring his coworker’s dick, he lays down on the table with his legs above his chest, ass ready to be eaten. Nick goes down, rimming the newcomer’s hungry hole. After loosening it up, Nick thrusts his big dick inside of Andy’s virgin ass. Nick fucks Andy in various positions, all around the room, from the conference table to the chairs. Getting dominated by his workmate has made Andy ready to climax. Nick gets prepared to receive Andy’s warm juice. Both men jerk off with Andy standing on top on Nick, who is the first to cum on himself. Andy follows moments after, sending his cum on his partner as well. At that moment, Andy wakes up from his dreams, not knowing what to make of it.