Straight Mason has a Big Dick


Taking off his shirt, Mason describes some of his tattoos, “got to test the limits” he says. With nice feet, size 14, he takes off his pants and we see why his gal said he should film. As he watches porn, his scrotum swells and his cock is becoming “more than a handful.” Cutting to the “stiff tool” Mason uses, he is a sizeable man with a big dick, beating his own “master.” As he thickens, his chest reddens and he gets in the zone. Filming from the side, he is very sensual to watch; 23 and naturally toned in all the right places. Going a bit faster, I zoom in on his meaty “good time;” Mason gives off a gasp, says he’s close, and “paints” a nice load onto his own “canvas.” He agrees to come back and be paired with a guy, for the first time.