Respect Your Big Brother


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Colton Grey is relaxing in bed, reading a book that Connor Maguire lent him. Connor enters to see what his younger brother is up to; but after he realizes Colton is ignoring him, he pulls rank and makes Colton give him his book back. Colton passive aggressively throws the book on the ground towards Connor without saying a word. This angers Connor and he makes Colton get out of bed to pick it up. Begrudgingly, Colton does as he’s told, but pugnaciously pushes the book into Connor’s chest in a final act of defiance. Connor can’t take it anymore and asks Colton what his problem is, to which Colton replies that Connor is his problem.

Connor pushes Colton down on the bed, but soon his hands realize that they don’t want to hurt Colton. He finds himself starting to massage Colton’s chest instead. As his hands move on Colton’s chest, Connor can see that his step-brother is clearly into it. And after a few moments of palpable electricity, they break into a make-out session backed by weeks of lustful tension. After stripping each other of their clothes, Connor leans forward to slowly take Colton’s big cock into his mouth. Colton gasps in pleasure, and pushes Connor’s head further down onto his swollen member. Connor ramps up the intensity going harder and harder before flipping Colton over and licking his tight ass. Colton pushes his hips back towards Connor in ecstasy, as Connor continues his awesome rimjob.

Getting up off the bed, Colton pulls Connor in for a slow kiss which turns into sensual make-out. After which Connor sits back against the headboard, and Colton sucks his cock which is jumping with anticipation of the pleasure of Colton’s warm, wet mouth. After wetting down Connor’s rod, Colton climbs on top of his bigger brother and starts to ride his big dick. After working his hole, Connor lifts up his little brother and starts fucking his sweet ass from below.

Connor wants Colton every way he can, and starts fucking him sideways while they are making out. After flipping Colton 6 ways to Sunday, they end in a passionate missionary. Colton is getting everything he could possibly want, Connor’s cock hitting all of the right places. Watching Colton fuck him is turning him on, and Colton can’t hold it any more! Finishing first, he explodes all over his stomach. The sight of Connor’s ropes of jism landing on his stomach brings Connor to the edge, blowing his load all over Colton’s slightly hairy stomach.