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Social media has become an integral part of modern life and allows us to connect with and maintain contact with our friends, family, acquaintances and even people we have never met with an ease that would have been unimaginable even ten years ago. More than just keeping us in touch with people, the rise of social media has taken our cultural fascination with celebrities to dizzying new heights: now we can read about what our favourite celebrities think about trending topics, what they do when they’re not in the limelight, and what ridiculous things they say when they forget just how many people are following their every word.

Well, gay porn is never one to be left behind by technology, so it’s no surprise that hundreds of your favourite gay porn stars have jumped on the bandwagon – and the social networks – to tweet about their lives, their porn and their thoughts – with plenty of sexy selfies too. So why follow a Kardashian when you could check out some of these hotties who you actually WANT to see naked? Below is a list of the top 10 porn stars to follow on social media right now.

10. Brandon from Sean Cody

Brandon from Sean Cody Gay Porn

We’ve all fantasized about being pounded into orgasmic bliss by the incredibly sexy Brandon (yes, even you, top-only dudes). While he’s not so busy in the pornosphere these days, Brandon (Jeff) is fairly active on both Twitter and Instagram as he promotes his new fitness company and shows off his still very fit physique.

9. Adam Russo

Adam Russo Gay Porn Star

Adam Russo is one of the more active tweeters on our list, mixing tweets promoting his super-hot scenes with sexy selfies and word-of-the-day tweets. He has a lot of stylish pics and adorable couple shots on Instagram, while his Twitter is mostly a welcome reminder of how hot his porn scenes are.

8. Allen King

Allen King Gay Porn Star

Allen King has that sexy toned body and cute smile that will have you compulsively hitting ‘Refresh’ on both his Twitter and Instagram in hopes of more hot selfies. Allen posts most often from a workout, a party or a gay porn set, so there’s always plenty to drool over!

7. Pierre Fitch

Pierre Fitch Gay Porn Star

Pierre Fitch is super active on Twitter and Instagram, posting heaps of photos of himself in sexy situations (only some of which are actual gay porn shoots: seriously, it’s like he never wears pants) and selfies with that cheeky smile we all know and love. Pierre also regularly tweets what he’s up to in the day and his thoughts on sex and fitness, so there’s plenty to keep his followers interested.

6. Jake Bass

Jake Bass Gay Porn Star

For those who favor the more lithe, slender studs, Jake Bass is the one to watch. His Twitter and Instagram are full of sexy selfies (many at the gym, yum), his latest hot porn scenes and fairly regular updates on what this hottie is up to. Jake Bass blows the rest out of the water in terms of Insta followers at a whopping 300k, and you’ll see why when you check out his posts.

5. Rocco Steele

Rocco Steele Gay Porn Star

With that huge dick and beefy muscle-daddy bod, it’s no wonder Rocco Steele is one of the most followed gay porn stars on Twitter. He’s pretty well-liked on Instagram as well, which will come as no surprise given the sexy content on both networks. Rocco posts fairly regularly and isn’t shy of sharing his beautiful dickpics with his adoring fans.

4. Damien Crosse

Damien Crosse Gay Porn Star

As well as being one of the most followed gay porn stars on Twitter, Damien Crosse seems to have two Instagram accounts, one being mainly focused on his incredibly hot body and porn career, and the other featuring beautiful pictures from his world travels (with occasional hot selfies too). We can’t be entirely sure if they’re both official, but you won’t regret following both.

3. Landon Conrad

Landon Conrad Gay Porn Star

Landon Conrad is actually the gay porn star with the most Twitter followers on our list, which is no surprise when you see that incredibly sexy body and chiselled jawline. Landon’s Twitter and Instagram have heaps of hot selfies and shots of his many horny porn scenes, so you’ll never want for fresh material when following him.

2. Brent Everett

Brent Everett Gay Porn Star

Brent Everett comes in a little behind Landon Conrad in Twitter followers but more than makes up for it on Instagram, where he boasts not only 130k followers but his own prominent tag if you ever run out of hot Brent pics to jerk it to. Everett must have done a deal with the devil at some point for that ridiculously toned body and beautiful big dick, still perfect after more than a decade in gay porn.

1. Brent Corrigan

Brent Corrigan Gay Porn Star

After his brief porn hiatus, Brent Corrigan burst back into the scene and surged straight to the top of this list and many others. It’s not just his 175k Twitter followers, the many hot pics on his Instagram or under his tag, or the super hot sex scenes he’s been churning out lately: Brent Corrigan is also hugely active on Twitter, interacting with his fans, posting heaps of hot selfies and keeping us up to date on his next adventure, which we can already predict will be super hot.

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