Occasional threesomes and open relationships are not new to the gay scene and very much less of a taboo than it is for straight couples. However there’s a new rising buzz word,  cuckolding  gets more and more attention from couples that are looking for new thrills.

The concept is that the significant other engages in sexual encounters with a third party (usually named the bull), but it is not considered cheating, because the partner (cuck) knows about it. There are different levels and variations of cuckolding. In some versions the partner is present, but only watches. Sometimes even gets called and humiliated  being the ‘less dominant male’. Others prefer to only know about the event or just be informed via text messages and pics.

Cuckolding is definitely  not for eveyone, but it seems to work for many couples becoming their king. While the whole thing is based on the idea of cheating it may require more solid grounds and trust than it first appears.

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